Gang Green Sold Out EP

If you don’t like this amazing slab of vinyl, don’t even pretend that you ever liked thrash punk. GANG GREEN’s assault is unbelievably tight and intense, and Mr. Doherty’s guitar work flails away mercilessly. “Terrorize” is particularly awesome, so nerds should steer clear.

Gang Green Skate to Hell / Alcohol 7″

The new refined GANG GREEN has a lot more metallic influences in this approach. A new band with Chris’ vocals sounding different, is this still GANG GREEN?? Maybe GANG GREEN meets AC/DC, but no longer is the maniac speed evident. Good guitar work, but craving the old band. You decide.

Kilslug Answer the Call LP

With this album, KILSLUG dirged their way into aggravating the hell out of me. Good, bassy guitars hold down a dose of dark, discordant hardcore in the basic FLIPPER mode, but devoid of hooks or power. Nothing really drew me in on this LP.

Last Rights Chunks / So Ends Our Night 7″

LAST RIGHTS, who are already defunct, showcase a chunky, mid-tempo punk attack on this 45. The guitar sound is dense and heavy, the tunes are eminently suitable for singing along, and their controversial singer Choke (ex-NEGATIVE FX) has a mean voice. It’s hard to determine what the songs are about, but they nonetheless improve with each listen.

Last Stand Violent Solution 12″

An average pop-punk release by this Boston outfit. At times reminiscent of STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, but in many ways is no comparison. LAST STAND takes a more American, roots-rock approach with a repetitious beat in the simplest and most basic form.

Moving Targets Burning in Water LP

Boston has given us some great pop-punk like STRANGLEHOLD and the NOT, only to see them slip away largely unappreciated. OK, Boston’s giving us another chance in MOVING TARGETS, whose debut is quite a gift. Hope you try this one, and you’ll find there’s more to this city than metal.

Negative FX Negative FX LP

Even though this is ancient material from a band long gone, it is representative of one of Boston’s finest outfits at its time. Holding the distinct Boston characteristics heard in GANG GREEN, SSD, DYS, and more, NEGATIVE FX packed strong musical combustion with hoarse vocal deliveries. Rapid, powerful, and totally enjoyable, NFX is a classic Boston band but this should have come out at its time before all the duplications arose.

Slapshot Back on the Map 12″

These seven songs are nothing but classic melodic power, as the music comes across as early UK BLITZ backed up by the Boston HC sound that until now was lost in a fog of stupid metal. Gravelly vocals are broken up by catchy sing-alongs, and the production is slick yet only enhances the band’s sound.

Stranglehold Same All Over / She’s Not Leaving 7″

More melodic punk from Boston’s STRANGLEHOLD, yet with considerably more production bite than on their fine debut 12”. “Same All Over” features the band’s trademark guitar riffing to bolster a rowdy, engaging pop-punk composition, while the flipside recalls mid-period STIFF LITTLE FINGERS with its gravelly vocals and varied instrumental flavorings. My advice—get it!

The Lemonheads Hate Your Friends LP

A really surprisingly varied pop punk LP. At times they sound like STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, delivering really gutsy raunch. At other moments, it’s excellent Boston rockin’ pop. And then suddenly, they’re more to the pop a la HUSKERS, but still maintaining their edge. Good job.

The Oysters Green Eggs and Ham LP

This Boston-area band is composed of members of now-defunct STRANGLEHOLD, which explains the catchy guitarwork and the overall rawness. This band’s potential falls short due to the new sound, making a firm stand in the college radio crowd. The power is put aside for a more poppy rockin’ sound, which is sad, but comes as no surprise.