Throbbing Lobster

The Blackjacks Dress in Black LP

This outfit is from Boston and this is their second LP. They have it over a lot of garage type bands in that they have a good sense of melody that usually generates into snazzy little hooks. Unfortunately, they’ve decided to go more in that area and leave in little of the great driving guitar sound that made their first LP so cool.

The Edge Alternative Allston EP

This one takes their last record one step further, because the band is harder and tighter than before. The title of this EP is ironic because the band does seem to have the same hard-charging structures as STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Let’s see what they can do with an album, now.

The Prime Movers Matters of Time 12″

In the Boston tradition of DMZ, LYRES, REAL KIDS, etc., this band combines snappy poppy tunes and a ’60s-ish rock’n’roll instrumentation to produce listenable music. While not as dynamic as the first two aforementioned bands, there is still something here to listen to, though the lyrics are purely passé.

V/A Nobody Gets on the Guest List! LP

With its typical pop themes and music ranging from pop to pop-punk to ’60s punk, this anthology covers another side of the Boston scene. There are a couple of wimpy tracks, but most stand up pretty well if you like powerful guitar pop at all. My faves are by JOHNNY & THE JUMPER CABLES, CHAIN LINK FENCE, HOLY COW, the UNDERACHIEVERS, HOPELESSLY OBSCURE, CHRISTMAS, and 21-645.

V/A Let’s Breed! LP

This buoyant sampler of Boston-area bands concentrates on accessible, up-tempo power-pop and punk—and manages it with surprising consistency. The FLIES, EDGE, and UNDERACHIEVERS vie for top honors, but the odds-on favorite is a slice of country swing (!) by SCRUFFY THE CAT. No thrash here; just agreeable, aggressive hard pop and punk—the kind you listened to and liked way back in ’79.

V/A Claws! LP

This third Throbbing Lobster comp again contains mostly pop or garage bands with some noteworthy moments—being the PRIME MOVERS, and the re-emergence of CLASSIC RUINS and WILLIE LOCO ALEXANDER, and a good track from LAST STAND. Humor Dep’t: MIGHTY IONS’ “Pedro Morales” to the tune of “California Uber Alles.” Band to watch for according to Dave Scott, who says “VOLCANO SUNS will be the next HÜSKER DÜ.”