V/A Chaos in Europe LP

Despite a well-drawn but obnoxious macho cover with blatant evocations of violence, the third Chaos Production compilation proves to be another very strong release. This one has bands from all over Europe on if, thereby extending its range and variety. Herein one can find the standard French-style skunk (KOMINTERN SECT, REICH ORGASM, L’ENFANTS SAUVAGES, and Spain’s DECIBELIOS), catchy pop punk (AL KAPOTT, DREI ORLOK, Spain’s TNT, Holland’s NV LE ANDEREN, and a killer cut from Sweden’s ASTA KASK) pure Oi (BRUTAL COMBAT and Italy’s NABAT), and all sorts of punk (the KAMBRONES, Germany’s F.F.F. and NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES, and Sweden’s SLAM). Highly recommended.