Krunch Mys & Kel LP

The second release from this Swedish group really clears the sinuses. On the “Blapopsida,” they produce more of the killer thrash that characterized their debut, although their head-numbing instrumental attack, gravelly vocals, and short, piercing guitar solos are occasionally undermined by too much chaos or too little tunefulness. The “Bopsida” combines this approach with lengthier and more innovative musical sections; a crunching wall of noise and hilarious lyrics make “Free Fuck” sound like BELFAGORE meets the MEATMEN.

Krunch När Varje Steg är Ett Snedsteg cassette

Rapid-fire speed in the common new Swedish tradition. Enchanting doses of uproarious thrash at a non-stop pace that shovels up thundering fury and belts out some bellicose blows. KRUNCH’s invasion is exultant in invigorating, with simpler musical work that’s nevertheless effective and fast.

Krunch Hello Bob EP

More great stuff from Sweden. The magnificent title song has a roaring wall of guitars and a staggered join-in chorus; the other three cuts are almost up to that exceptional standard. A mandatory purchase for fans of thrash.